Chasing daydreams?

My Daiwa 7HT is at least ten years old. Apart from a new pinion gear, it’s original right down to the bearings and drag washers. Owing to my own stupidity the main gear lost a few teeth last week, so I’m about to pension the old thing off. But what to buy?

All that concerns me in a fishing reel is reasonable performance and build quality, sensible price and decent after-sales service. Unfair and narrow minded as it may be, I also prefer to stick with the long established brands. Abu, Daiwa and Shimano, basically. Other reels are probably just as good. Continue reading “Chasing daydreams?”

Belt and braces magnetic reel set-up

magnet reel controller

The cast control on standard fishing reels usually contains an array of tiny magnets. Since most CT multipliers are adapted from baitcasting reels, the braking force even at minimum setting tends to be heavy-handed for beach fishing. Contrary to common sense, a spool casting light plugs and lures relatively short distances usually needs heavier braking control than the same spool throwing a heavy chunk of lead vast distances. Continue reading “Belt and braces magnetic reel set-up”