Good casting without the fuss and effort

The Easy Cast, or Brighton style as some call it, generates more questions than any other way of casting. Only the pendulum style comes close to being as popular. Even that seems to be dropping back a little, though it remains THE casting method for the more advanced fishermen.

Most fishermen are not and never will be expert casters. It’s not because they are lazy or defeatist. They are simply being realistic. Their only aim is to cast well enough to put baits into fishy territory. Without the time or patience to master a pendulum style, they’re looking for a quick, straightforward solution.

The Easy Cast does exactly what it says on tin: it blends a simple set-up and natural body action with a sweet, forgiving nature. Of all the ways to cast, it is the most tolerant of operator error and tackle mismatch. Get the basics somewhere about right, and a few practice sessions should have you fishing around the 100m mark. Continue reading “Good casting without the fuss and effort”