Good casting without the fuss and effort

The Easy Cast, or Brighton style as some call it, generates more questions than any other way of casting. Only the pendulum style comes close to being as popular. Even that seems to be dropping back a little, though it remains THE casting method for the more advanced fishermen.

Most fishermen are not and never will be expert casters. It’s not because they are lazy or defeatist. They are simply being realistic. Their only aim is to cast well enough to put baits into fishy territory. Without the time or patience to master a pendulum style, they’re looking for a quick, straightforward solution.

The Easy Cast does exactly what it says on tin: it blends a simple set-up and natural body action with a sweet, forgiving nature. Of all the ways to cast, it is the most tolerant of operator error and tackle mismatch. Get the basics somewhere about right, and a few practice sessions should have you fishing around the 100m mark.

Despite all the advances in beach tackle and casting methods, few fishermen using the old overhead style – or worse yet a half-baked pendulum cast – can throw a bait that far. In other words, simple off-ground casting with basic kit doesn’t mean second rate results. Given a little bit of effort, fishing at 125m is a realistic aim. For the handful of fishermen willing to commit to the necessary practice, an Easy Cast with a generous layout and plenty of body rotation is good for 175m or more over grass. Tournament casters can push it a lot farther than that.

Regardless of its potential, the Easy Cast is at its best as an all-round fishing method that demands nothing special in the way of tackle. Its simplicity and practicality attract more and more surf fishermen worldwide.

If you have been put off trying it because of the style’s alleged failure to cast from anything less than flat, clean sand, or to work with clipped-down rigs, then relax. Like any off-ground method using a long rod arc, the extended form of an Easy Cast, like the South African style, does need a clean runway for the sinker. But in the everyday fishing set-up with the leader angled under the rod, the rig does not drag along the ground. Lift-off is clean and instantaneous even with Breakaway leads. As a bonus, you can cast from beaches so steep that pendulum casting is impossible.

Using clipped-down rigs is a pain at first because the hook disconnects from the bait clip when you lay the cast out. The answer is to make sure that the leader never falls slack while the rig is on the ground. Easier said than done, you might think. Not so. But yes, there is a trick to it.

There’s a hidden benefit as well. The Easy Cast is built on the same solid foundations that underpin advanced methods such as pendulum. So the really good news is that, should you ever wish to, converting from an Easy Cast to a big swing should be a reasonably smooth journey.

There are a couple of Easy Cast video clips on my YouTube Channel that might help you.