Bring that old rod back to life

Richard Holgate custom rod builder

Frozen half to death during a Sea Angler photo shoot at Walton on Naze, I dragged myself into Richard Holgate’s tackle shop to scrounge a cup of tea and to have a snout at what’s new in the Meta-lite custom rod range. Richard’s latest creation is due to hit the scene when a few details have been finalised. This new beast, as yet unnamed, will join the range of superlative fishing and casting rods that includes the evergreen Flick Tip NG and the big-hitting Storm. More about this latest toy when I’ve had chance to try it.

Meanwhile, for anyone with a dog-eared but otherwise healthy rod that needs sprucing up after a few hard seasons, Richard’s rebuild service could be worth a look. Quality blanks last a long, long time. Some may soften a little after years of belting out big leads, but even they remain perfectly serviceable for decades. Being thrashed often makes a fast and powerful rod more user friendly anyway – yet another good reason to grab any old Zziplex, Conoflex or Century that might come your way. For no matter how old and tatty it is, almost all these rods are worth bringing back to life.

At £100 all in, the rebuild alone is fair value for money. The icing on the cake is that the rod will be picked up from and returned to its owner at no extra charge. With courier fees unlikely to be less than £15 each way, this makes Richard’s deal particularly tempting, especially for fishermen without a local custom builder to call upon.

More details at Meta-lite Rods.