Zziplex boss Terry Carroll talks about surf rods

I thought you might like a couple of bits about Zziplex’s Terry Carroll that I came across in my archives. The video demonstrates the simple but deadly effective Brighton Cast, which is not that different from the Easy Cast. Terry’s comments about rods and casting come from an interview I did with him for a Sea Angler feature some time ago. But what he has to say about the important differences between casting and fishing is just as relevant today – if not more so. Many apologies for the sound quality!

Click to hear my interview with Terry


Bring that old rod back to life

Richard Holgate custom rod builder

Frozen half to death during a Sea Angler photo shoot at Walton on Naze, I dragged myself into Richard Holgate’s tackle shop to scrounge a cup of tea and to have a snout at what’s new in the Meta-lite custom rod range. Richard’s latest creation is due to hit the scene when a few details have been finalised. This new beast, as yet unnamed, will join the range of superlative fishing and casting rods that includes the evergreen Flick Tip NG and the big-hitting Storm. More about this latest toy when I’ve had chance to try it. Continue reading “Bring that old rod back to life”

Some old rods never die.

A question from Rob Allen of Bristol (and echoed by many more fishermen): What is it about old-time beachcasters that appeals to the modern generation? My mate bought one of the original Penn Sidewinders at a boot sale for £25, and he reckons it’s great.

Apart from the joy of picking up a classic for peanuts at a boot sale or in some tackle dealer’s secondhand rack, there’s a real prospect of getting hold of what could prove to be the finest rod you’ll ever use.

What’s so special about old-timers such as the Zziplex GS series, Conoflex 240T, the occasional veteran Daiwa and Penn, and even the daddy of them all the Abu 464? In a word, usability. Continue reading “Some old rods never die.”